Friday, September 23, 2011


Hi everyone, my name is Sam.
Today is September 23. It is the 266th day of the year, and 99 days remain until the end of the year. It is the first day of autumn, and the birthday of Marlen and Me.

Today we woke up early in the morning, and we made a bike trip to Grenoble.

We ate a birthday cake and drank cappuccino in our favourite coffee shop.

 In the evening we saw a thousand lanterns in the sky at Coup Icare in Saint Hilaire.

It was a great day !!!!


JR said...

Bon anniversaire Marlene !

Et happy birthday sam.

Marie said...

très bon anniversaire Marlou ! Sam me plaît j'adore son petit vélo.

Shell said...

Happy Birthday to you, Sam and Marlene. Hope it was an extra special day for both of you.

maya:) said...

amazing art!!!love your photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear Marlene. Every time I visit your blog makes me feel happy. And happy b'day to Sam.

MARLOU B. said...

Merci JR!!!!

Merci Marie !!!

Thank you Shell!! Yes, it was an an special day!

Thank you Maya!!

Thank you Anonymous !!

All of your comments make me so happy!!

ImagineKasia said...

wszystkiego najlepszego, spelnienia!!! z quebecu pozdrawiamy, km i m;)

chrisfons said...

Zut ! J'ai raté cet anniversaire et ce post plein de poésie ;)

Isa said...

Bon anniversaire !
Tes photos sont magnifiques comme toujours ! :-)

MARLOU B. said...

Hej KAsia! Ale wam dobrze podroznikom!!
Dzieki za zyczenia i za pamiec!! Buziaki!!

Merci Chrisfons et Isa!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh je suis en retard, un très joyeux anniversaire Marlou !!!!!!!!

MARLOU B. said...

Merci Bunny Kokeshi !!!

Laume said...

Those lanterns are amazing! Just like in the Disney movie Tangled!