Sunday, December 14, 2008


Successfull beginning of ski season!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so behind on my blogging I see I have missed so much of what you've made! All so wonderful!! And this girl is no exception:) She'd fit right in here. It just started snowing yesterday and our local ski lodge just opened today. Off to see your other posts~have a wonderful Christmas~


petit caillou said...

Oh le rêve!!
C'est magnifique!!
Je te reconnais bien avec tes p'tites lunettes bleues...c'est pour toujours avoir du ciel bleu?

Marie said...

je t'ai reconnue Marlou ! très ressemblant !!! et quelle skieuse hors-pair !

Shell said...

Ah, I love this girl snowing. Beautiful as always, Marlou.